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  • Intel Xeon E31260
  • 32GB
  • 30GB
  • Traffic
  • Traffic
  • Free Emails
  • Custom Installation
  • Location France/UK







  • Intel Xeon E31260
  • 64GB
  • 500GB
  • Traffic
  • Traffic
  • Free Emails
  • Custom Installation
  • Location France/UK

Full FeaturesCheap RDP Features

Cheap RDP is cheap rdp with fast speed.


Lightning Fast Speed

We don't make too many users on our Cheap rdp's so that its speed is not hampered. cheap rdp are really very fast.

24 x 7 Support

We provide 24 x 7 support specially for our Cheap rdp. Anytime you want any custom installation just say us..

Management Panel

We have special panel for our cheap Cheap rdp support. All you need is to contact us through number or raise a ticket.

Under the hood

State-of-the-Art Servers

  • Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD in RAID 1
  • Octa Core with 2.40 GHz
  • 2 TB SATA in RAID 1

Any Language

  • PHP 5.2.x to 5.6.x, Perl, Python, RoR, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt
  • Apache 2.2x
  • MySQL 5
  • Ruby On Rails

Top-Notch Security

  • Anti Spam & Virus Protection
  • Password Protect Directories
  • Secure FTP Access
  • IP Blocking
  • phpMyAdmin Access


A Cheap RDP is a normal rdp where the whole system is used by multiple users at a time which works as a personal computer and it is connected through the rdp access of your system. A cheap rdp is just a dedicated server with multiple users. For many purposes they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated server, and being software-defined, are able to be much more easily created and configured.

No, You can't host website as these are cheap rdp and used by many users so it is a security issue.

cheap RDP are mainly used because of thier high RAM capacity, file storage or as a remote desktop, so if you have a need for any, then it is for you.

Once a cheap RDP is purchased, you can upgrade it anytime you want, all you have to do is contact us or use our panel to upgrade, pay the invoice and it will be auto done.

A Cheap RDP don't have full admin access. So, you can install any software by raising a ticket with our technical support team. For support please call us or log a ticket: click here.

Sure, we will migrate for you, all you have to do is contact us with your current server details and we will migrate it for youCheck Plans

For customizable Cheap RDP just log a ticket with our support team and we will configure your desired RDP.

Just log a ticket with our suport within 3 days and we will refund your full money.

Just create the order for the RDP you want and you will get the details of your RDP within an Hours.

You can try for free RDP. You just need 3 minutes!